Time to Hedge Against USD

I’ve written an article on 12th Sep 2021 warning about the Equity Markets. The article turned out to be quite well-timed for that was the week that S&P peaked (at least until now) and volatility experienced a renewed vigor.



Now, what is the next macro…

High Prices are a Cure for High Prices

SPX on Sep 11, 2021

A Confession of Mistakes and Honest History

Before I carry on the main topic of this article, I want to make it clear that for the past 1 year, I have been trying to project the end of the 13 years bull run but time and again, I was…

My story moving from a technical role to a functional one

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I have mentioned before in certain reply to an article that I was a developer and made the conscious move to do a more functional role as opposed to a technical one.

But I’ve never told the story, or…

It is now a platform for the professional to use against you

Screenshot of WallStreetBets Cover Picture from the Reddit Forum

The retails thought that they have triumphed over the professionals when WallStreetBets uncovered stocks that are over-shorted and the mass buying effects caused one of the most impressive short-squeeze in modern financial history that almost brought down a…

10 Things You Would Expect From a Technical Lead

10. Respect Others

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

In our course of work in the technical sector, most likely than not, a technical lead plays a huge role in the development and the success or failure of a technical project. …

Selling your order flow is akin to telling the buyers of this information how to F**k yourself

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Robinhood may advertise itself as the broker that promotes more financial participation and giving the common people a better chance to succeed in the market with their $0 commission. …

It won’t end well for investors rushing in now.

When the GameStop Saga came to light earlier this year, there was a frenzy of talking on social media and also within my personal group of friends. Even some personal friends of mine who were professional traders were dragged into the…

Money Management and Risk Management are considered soft edges

Recently, I was asked by a friend who is doing systematic trading whether I consider “money management” as an edge. He had read online that some considered it not as an edge. But I disagree. …

We could be entering into the worst bear market of our generation

I am not an American, but I rejoice with the world when Joe Biden was elected. Like many others, I kept refreshing on the counts and why Nevada’s wasn’t moving. …

A single class and a single technique which unlocks my ability to write.

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A Little Background: I was a Bad Writer

English wasn’t my native speaking language when I was young. I was born into a Chinese speaking family. In fact, during my primary school days, I failed my English composition so consistently that I was placed into…

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